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Optimising New Product Development ‒ A Manual for Growing Your Food Business

The Best Practices in Product Forecasting and Production Control that are Key to Success

Expert Guidance on New Product Development Written with the Needs of Food Manufacturers in Mind

92% of UK food producers see new product development (NPD) as their biggest growth opportunity. But successful NPD calls for rigorous and joined-up processes from the first R&D explorations through to the last link in the supply chain, once it’s launched.

Our new product development manual is written to help food manufacturers avoid the pitfalls of NPD, and help you:

  • Make accurate forecasts in business-critical areas of NPD including consumer demand and ingredient costs

  • Coordinate both R&D and production across the organisation ‒ from the factory floor, to inventory and the supply chain

  • Go to market quickly while safeguarding quality, and staying on top of regulatory compliance at all times

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